Limewax - Lordz EP

When it comes down to a Limewax release darkness is usually all over the place. Without a doubt producer Maxim Anokhin has perfectly mastered that side of art, but it would be quite disrespectful if we didn't pay a closer attention to the true depth of his sound. His brand new four-track EP Lordz is not only a total face smasher, but an organic mixture of detail and aggression.

Shaped around a heavily atmospheric backbone, the EP grabs you by the neck to ensure you're obeying its pulse. You're dragged inside Lordz by the synthetic voices of Born With A Secret then exposed to the bi-polar structure of Zehn, where an ambiance, somehow following what Limewax started in Fuenf, perfectly co-exists with the monstrous rhythm. You are briefly let to breathe in Fermented Life, but that's only until the broken beats and drilling lows of Strong Wheelchair slam you to the ground.

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