German drum&bass dj/producer N.phect started his electronic music career in Cologne back in 2002.

After signing various tunes to german labels like protogen & basswerk, N.Phect & Dizplay were established into the international spotlight, as the releases had been highly recommended by the British "Knowledge Magazine". By playing loads of dj sets on a range of prime events, they took the national German scene by storm.

N.phect co-worked with Phace for the organic "Cavity" on Syndrome Audio as well as the tremoring "Confront" on Full Force. The direct response was a North American tour in spring 2006.

In summer 2006, N.phect & Dizplay released their debut album on Basswerk "Beautiful Bytes" which gained a massive dj support and revealed their passion for abstract organic atmospheres, a club focused drumwork and attractive melodies playing above cyberfunk basslines. That LP was followed with releases of singles on Renegade Hardware (Slith, Blindfold /w Dizplay), Syndrome (Campaign/Outpace) and Basswerk.

Moving house to Berlin witnessed massive changes for N.phect's production skills. Working solo-wise, N.phect signed a spectacular 12" to Teebee's ultra-exclusive Subtitles imprint with the stunning "Credo"& "Crysis", which recieves heavy support from the likes of Teebee, Calyx, Noisia, Phace, DJ Friction, Break, Misanthrop, Black Sun Empire, Chris.Su & State Of Mind etc. Four monstrous tunes for Subtitles, including the banging "Musclecar" and "Twins", have just been finished while some phenomenal material for Shadybrain(Ultraviolet/theSphere) as well as a hammering remix for Trust In Music are ready to hit the streets in 2007…


Долгожданный альбом Black Sun Empire - From The Shadows теперь можно приобрести на Beatport в цифровом формате.
15 Октября выходит новый альбом, Black Sun Empire "From The Shadows", в альбоме будет 13 новых работ проекта, в том числе коллаборации с Noisia, Foreign Beggars, State Of Mind, Audio...


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