From the mind of neurofunk pioneer Jade, comes EATBRAIN - a forward thinking imprint standing at the crux of heavy dancefloor rhythms and the razors edge of drum & bass.

Since the label's first release in 2011 (EATBRAIN001: Jade + SOM - 'Here We Go' / 'Audio Hypnosis') Eatbrain has gained widespread recognition as a symbol of quality in drum & bass. Under the creative direction of Jade, who helped define the neurofunk sound from its early stages, the imprint has grown into a movement encompassing a who's-who of drum & bass artists including names like Mindscape, Black Sun Empire, Fourward, State of Mind, Dose, Telekinesis, Mefjus, Neonlight, Rymetyme, Teddy Killerz, and more. With a focus on quality over quantity, Eatbrain has quickly become a trusted source for those seeking the best new sounds and artists in drum & bass. It's through this tastemaker perspective that the label has seen to the release of numerous classics and anthems which have epitomized the ever-growing neurofunk DNB sound. The last few years have also seen the label expand into the live realm, with Jade hosting a string of wildly successful parties under the "Eatbrain Night" banner.

EATBRAIN's conquest shows no signs of slowing down, as the label continues to infect listeners and dancefloors across the globe with its signature sound, exploring new concepts and aural frontiers, and pushing drum & bass forward in the process.


09 September 2017, 00:00 | Dub Elements | EATBRAIN
The pathways of Yggdrasil flowed across the vast expanse of the cosmos, reaching to every corner of the universe - interlinking the many realms of their overlords and anchoring Midgard to its fate.
27 January 2017, 17:12 | Synergy | Segment | Concept Vision | EATBRAIN
Deep within the hegemonic core cluster, the brutal and deadly form of the ship Helion cruised with deadly intent across the gravity well of Arkana, the seat of the ruling elite.
01 December 2016, 16:20 | Chris.SU | EATBRAIN | Jade | Mindscape | MC Nuklear
Hungarian neurofunk legend CHRIS.SU returns to the EATBRAIN label in full force, following up his ‘Underground Culture’ label anthem and State of Mind Collaboration ‘Chariots’ with his first full EP – SOLAR ECLIPSE.
21 November 2016, 20:40 | Zombie Cats | EATBRAIN
n a lair of dereliction their bones lay, a place spoken of only in whispers – an unholy ground filled with the restless dead… The patient bones and rotting flesh of unspeakable horrors waiting only to feed on the living.


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