There are at least five artists that are using Mindscape alias.

1) A Swedish Indie Pop/Shoegaze band act from Gothenburg, Sweden.
2) A Hungarian drum and bass producer
3) A Danish Rock group located in Copenhagen.
4) A Progressive Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.
5) A project from the German DJ & producer Torben Schmidt

1) Mindscape Bring You Down EP - indie pop/noisepop band from Sweden, Producer, Mixed By, Engineer – Carl-Michael Herlöfsson. Swedish one hit indie wonder in a low budget video directed by Zeta Lorentzon, assisted by Henrik Sylvén. Was banned from MTV. Released in 1992. Members were: Sofia Berg-Böhm - vocals, Ville Gustafsson - machines and noises, Marc Folkesson - guitars, Johan Hübner - guitars and Jonas Edblom - bass.

2) Mindscape is a Hungarian drum and bass producer/dj trio(since 2007 only Gergely Sasvári) formed in late 2002, in an up-and-coming and lively Budapest scene. Starting from dark techno-influenced roots, they provide a fresh funky sound influenced by the early tech step era of drum and bass and inspired by various other styles such as house, dub, hip hop or minimal techno.

Mindscape started as the project of Gergely Sasvári and Andor Tóth. When working on their first tune together, 'Superfluous', Gábor Nagymáthé (SKC) joined them to finish the track for DJ Trace's London-based label, DSCI4.

During 2003 and 2004, Mindscape had several tracks released on DSCI4, including the 2x12" Highway EP and various tracks on the Spy Technologies LP series. Later on, they have accomplished several releases on established labels like Hospital, Inneractive, Red Light, Explicit or Shadow Law Recordings.

In 2006, they have started working together with the Rotterdam-based label group, Triple Vision. Their collaboration was marked by various successful releases on Citrus, Celsius, Syndrome and Fokuz Recordings, together with artits like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Mathematics, Icicle, State of Mind, Jade or Matt-U.

Other projects which the members of Mindscape are working on include collaborations with some well-known members of the healthy Budapest drum'n'bass scene, such as Jade, Tactile, SKC, Chris.su, Spinline or Matt-U (under the moniker Soulproof).

Mindscape has recieved dj support from several big names of the drum’n’bass scene such as Ed Rush, Cause 4 Concern, Pendulum, Break, Fierce, Trace, Flight, Loxy, Concord Dawn, Optiv, SKC, Chris.su and Squire among others.

Mindscape recently finished their debut LP, Black Lotus (on Citrus Recordings) and started across the world promoting their new sounds.

2) A Danish Rock group located in Copenhagen.

Mindscape was formed early 2006, and has been playing live since start 2007.
Mindscapes music is, especially live, very energetic and cryptic at some points. Mindscape has a unique sound and with up to three female artist in the lead they ,manage to be very unique during their stage performance.

Mindscapes latest single "I can't hear you" was released as a preview to their up and coming music-video to be released late 2010.

The band was orignal formed in 2003 by drummer Scott Kristian Bidstrup, Lead-guitar and Lead Vocalist Tikki Hasselriis and Guitarist Sussi A. Nielsen. Later on in 2006 Bass player Tue B S Jensen joined in and Mindscape started working from scratch creating their sound.
In 2009 Violinist Maria Gantzel joined to fill in "the blanks" in the audio experience.

3) A Swedish Metal/Pop/Techno-band act from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 2008. They recently changed their name to Escape the Day

As the name reveals, it is reflecting on the interiors of the mind.
Set on all ranges of emotion, MINDSCAPE are bringing a solid compound of metal, pop, and techno into a new breed of music.
Bringing these key elements together into the rhythm and melody of their songwriting,
it is creating a composite, forging a solid foundation to build their music upon. Breaking new boundaries and heading for the new frontiers, this is the essence of this band.
In every way, they are trying to expand their horizon of what is possible to create.

4) A Progressive Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.

This band was fronted by composer / guitarist Chris Porcianko of Vanishing Point. They released one EP named Reflections, then disbanded.

5) MINDSCAPE was one of the many projects from the German DJ & producer Torben Schmidt. Under this moniker he released a bunch of club tracks in the 90s, like "Genetic", "House Of Pain" or "Open Your Eyes".


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